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Displaced Horizons
Date: June 9, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: Free
Venue: SITE Santa Fe

Displaced Horizons

Displaced Horizons is a collaborative multimedia performance focusing on water infrastructures’ socio-cultural and historical complexities to encourage a re-visioning of current water systems to imagine, explore, and implement alternatives. The project attends to water systems—such as dams, acequias, arroyos, and rivers—to bring to the fore often-overlooked technological entanglements. The improvisatory and participatory structure of the work resists practices that fix water as an abstract resource and instead animates our subjective experiences of water in the landscape. By dispersing video and music throughout the space, the audience is invited to move freely over the course of the two-hour performance. Our aim is for this multiplicity to obscure an all-encompassing experience and invite a uniquely aesthetic and experiential reorientation, making visible the values that inhere in infrastructures of water.

Katie Harlow (Albuquerque), cello
Chris Jonas (Santa Fe), saxophones, vibraphone
Robert Lundberg (Wisconsin, Santa Fe), double bass
Dylan McLaughlin (Vermont, Santa Fe), live video
Ryan Packard (Chicago), percussion, vibraphone, accordion
Cory Wright (Bay Area), piccolo, flute, bass clarinet

Acushla Bastible, Stage Direction

Displaced Horizons is part of Currents New Media Festival and SITE Santa Fe, as part of their Sound and Spectacle series.

Co-Produced by Terra Incognita: http://terrancgnt.org