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InterPlanetary Festival
Start: June 7, 2018
End: June 8, 2018
Cost: Free
Venue: Santa Fe Railyard

InterPlanetary Festival

On June 7th and 8th of 2018, the Santa Fe Institute’s first annual InterPlanetary Festival will draw space enthusiasts from around the world for a two-day celebration of human ingenuity. This free-to-attend festival will transform the Railyard District in downtown Santa Fe, with an expo showcasing innovation, open-air concerts, lectures and panel discussions, a Sci-Fi film showcase, pop-up art installations, art talks, an InterPlanetary market, food, drink, cosplay, and gaming, all centered around InterPlanetary topics and citizen science.

June 7th Panels, Films & Concerts:
–Science & Gaming (with Chaim Gingold and Shawn Douglas), —-Autonomous Ecosystems (with Jennifer Dunne, David Stout, and Kate Greene)
–Planetary Policy & Regulation (with Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation‘s Linda Sheehan, and Constance Steinkuehler)
–Time Design (with Martine Rothblatt and Stefani Crabtree – band)
–Motion & Energy Technology (with Neal Stephenson and Brendan Tracey)
–A special screening of The Fifth Element introduced by Scott Ross
–and a live-scored FREE showing of Plan 9 from outerspace at theViolet Crown Santa Fe cinema, and concerts by
The Sticky LIVE FUNK, and
Ozomatli (co-presented by AMP Concerts) to close out the night!

June 8th Panels & Concerts:
–Living in Space (with Ashton Eaton and Haym Benaroya)
–Life in Space? (with Chris Kempes, Max Cooper, and Caleb Scharf)
–InterPlanetary Intelligence (with David Krakauer and Kurt Squire)
–Social and Economic Engineering (with Boing Boing‘s Cory Doctorow, and Jessica Flack)
–Visualization and Designing the Impossible (with Scott Ross and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory‘s Sasha Samochina)
–The End of the World? (with Annalee Newitz and Los Alamos National Laboratory‘s Nina Lanza), and concerts by
–Theremin & Incredible Haken Continuum Concert by Rob Schwimmer,
–Jihae, and
Max Cooper (co-presented by the Santa Fe Institute and Meow Wolf)!
–June 8th is also the opening night of the 9th annual Currents New Media Festival, which runs from June 8th to June 24th.

You can find detailed information about all of the InterPlanetary Festival panels, concerts, and more at www.interplanetaryfest.org