Simply Social Media: Connection, Community, and Collaboration

Simply Social Media: Connection, Community, and Collaboration

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Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins met on Instagram in 2014 and connected instantly over their love for the local community. They are examples of the positive power of constructive social media practices and its potential for meaningful relationships and collaborations. Together, they co-founded Simply Social Media, a Santa Fe-based social marketing strategy company which focuses on curating content, engaging the community, and promoting Santa Fe and New Mexico.

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Emerging Media Alliance: How does simply social media function as part of EMA?

Amy Tischler: Heading into the launch, we managed and facilitated the social media and marketing to promote the Emerging Media Month and general awareness. We, as a business, love social media and are good at it, so that was a natural entry point for us. Part of our central tenant is working collaboratively with others, so we felt connected to EMA from its inception. Personally, I love new and emerging media, and also I have a vested interest to create an economy in Santa Fe that has the potential for keeping my kids here. I want there to be a place for them to come back to that’s bigger than just one or two exciting organizations. And we feel really proud of our efforts in helping broaden the horizons of Santa Fe.

Caitlin Jenkins and Amy Tischler, co-founders of Simply Social Media. Image courtesy of Simply Social Media.


EMA: How do you want EMA and Santa Fe to collaborate and grow together? (What does EMA mean to you in terms of Santa Fe?)

AT: There’s a lot happening in terms of new and emerging media, but before EMA it hadn’t been brought together. I would love to see this network as part of a broader conversation incorporating the whole state! For example, PASEO in Taos and ARTECHOUSE in Albuquerque. People are doing amazing things in Santa Fe and I want collaboration to be the model. If used effectively, I believe the alliance could really help Santa Fe become a leader in the field of emerging media.


EMA: How do you see social media being a facilitator or promotor of interaction in emerging media practices, which are often very solitary and isolating?

Caitlin Jenkins: I see it as a way for artists involved in emerging media to challenge themselves, because it can be hard to articulate and present your work to the public. Social media, especially all the different ways that you can market yourself and your work, gives you the challenge of being creative in different ways and putting your work out there in a way that others can understand. It’s a space for artists to be social and communicate with other artists to ask questions or give their own interpretations.

AT: Caitlin and I actually met through Instagram so we know how beneficial social networking can be. We both have a passion for the Three C’s: connection, community, and collaboration. There is so much value in being able to come out of those isolated spaces, but you can’t always do that naturally in real life.

Simply Santa Fe Instagram newsfeed. Image courtesy of Simply Social Media.


EMA: The Emerging Media Alliance is a place where businesses, organizations, individuals, and more can all network. Do you think social media plays a role in that?

CJ: Definitely. Social media is a networking tool that really does help connect us to the rest of the world.

AT: You can use social media to network, to connect with others, to collaborate, and so much more. We can share information and events that are happening with people all over the world, and so you’re able to build that world-wide network and community. You really can’t do that without social media, which is why it plays a central role in new and emerging media practices.


EMA: What is your favorite social media channel and why?

CJ & AT (simultaneously): Instagram!

AT: It’s a very easy place to start a conversation.

CJ: Instagram is my favorite place to be on the internet; it’s so positive. Everyone shares a mutual interest of loving photography and wanting to share their stories, and it’s so intimate that it’s fine to direct message someone you’ve never met and start connecting with them instantly.

Photograph of Santa Fe Opera for the 2018 Opera InstaMeet. Image courtesy of Simply Social Media.

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