CURRENTS Power Couple
Mariannah Amster and Frank Ragano are the power couple behind the internationally-renowned annual CURRENTS New Media Festival, produced by their nonprofit organization, Parallel Studios. We caught up with them to discuss… View Article
Steina is a legendary pioneer of video and electronic art. She and her husband, Woody Vasulka, have been producing works since the 1960s. Together they founded The Kitchen, a groundbreaking… View Article
Psirens in Santa Fe
Paris Mancini is an interdisciplinary artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She works with a variety of emerging media to create unforgettable, immersive experiences. She recently released her 9th… View Article
Emerging Puppetry: Devon Hawkes Ludlow
  Devon Hawkes Ludlow is a Renaissance man. He’s a professional puppeteer, performer, musician, dancer, filmmaker, puppet-maker and teacher. Be on the lookout this summer for the premiere of episode… View Article
Experience Emerging Media
Image: Galaxy Ecosystem by Eddie Edwards, courtesy of CURRENTS     Experience emerging media in our unique landscape. Magic is afoot in Santa Fe, The City Different. You may know… View Article