Simply Social Media: Connection, Community, and Collaboration
Reading time: 3.5 minutes   Amy Tischler and Caitlin Jenkins met on Instagram in 2014 and connected instantly over their love for the local community. They are examples of the positive power of constructive social media practices and its potential for meaningful relationships and collaborations. Together, they co-founded Simply Social Media, a Santa Fe-based social… View Article
Showing Up: form & concept with Director Frank Rose
Reading time: 6 minutes   Frank Rose is the director of form & concept, a contemporary art gallery at the Railyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico. form & concept was recently awarded the Santa Fe Reporter’s title of “Best Gallery” of 2018. Read on below for an interview with Rose, who gives insight into how… View Article
Toni Sikes: CEO of CODAworx
Reading time: 5 minutes   Toni Sikes is co-founder and CEO of CODAworx, a company whose mission is to “transform every space in the world by making great [art] commissions happen.” CODAworx connects those who commission art, artists and creative teams, and industry resources to support collaborative projects, art installations, and public works, which engage… View Article
The PASEO Festival with Matthew Thomas
Reading time: 6 minutes   J. Matthew Thomas is director of The PASEO Project, which is hosting its 5th edition of The PASEO Festival in Taos, New Mexico on September 14 and 15, 2018. Thomas is also an architect, artist, collections manager, and community organizer who is dedicated to promoting collaboration between arts and communities… View Article
InterPlanetary Talk with Caitlin McShea
Caitlin McShea is the Miller Omega Programs Manager at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI), and director of the InterPlanetary Festival, a new annual community event hosted by SFI, as part of the larger InterPlanetary Project. The festival presents complexity science in an interactive and participatory way, by exploring intersections of science with the visual arts,… View Article
Psirens in Santa Fe
Paris Mancini is an interdisciplinary artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She works with a variety of emerging media to create unforgettable, immersive experiences. She recently released her 9th studio album, Alive. Check out her work.  This is part of an ongoing series of interviews we’re conducting with emerging media trailblazers. Stay tuned for more… View Article
Emerging Puppetry: Devon Hawkes Ludlow
  Devon Hawkes Ludlow is a Renaissance man. He’s a professional puppeteer, performer, musician, dancer, filmmaker, puppet-maker and teacher. Be on the lookout this summer for the premiere of episode 2 of Ludlow’s latest cinematic effort: the zombie puppet rock musical, The Love That Would Not Die. Devon is also teaching weekly puppetry classes at… View Article