About EMA

About EMA

Catalyzing a Community of Visionaries and Makers

Santa Fe is home to an incredible community of artists, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs. Though many are well known and making an impressive mark on the world, many others are relatively undiscovered. The Emerging Media Alliance (EMA) is a tight-knit network of Santa Fe’s most brilliant minds and impactful community members that pools resources and launches efforts to unify and amplify the world-changing work that is already happening in and around The City Different.

Members of EMA enjoy important benefits, most notably access to a powerful and supportive network. Further, EMA will provide marketing and promotional support to artists and institutions in this field.


Chris Jonas’ immersive video for Anthony Braxton’s opera, Trillium J (the non-unconfessionables)

Reinventing a Famous Art Destination

Something beautiful and extraordinary is happening in Santa Fe. For generations Santa Fe has attracted artists, writers, and thinkers who sought the natural beauty, rich culture, and inherent magic of this special place. For the last century, Santa Fe rightfully earned a beloved reputation as a leading international destination for fine art and handmade crafts.

On the shoulders of legends from this exceptional and deep community, EMA launches a new Santa Fe: a city bursting with experimental art, youth culture, and a vibrancy that is only beginning to attract the international recognition it deserves.

Through comprehensive marketing and communications, EMA puts an international spotlight on a new generation of Santa Fe artists and makers.This will redefine the public image of Santa Fe and keep us fresh and relevant to new generations.

IAIA Digital Dome

Presenting a World Authority on Emerging Media

EMA members are a wealth of information. EMA will tap our depth of expertise and industry knowledge to present a consistent social media stream of the best of the best in Emerging Media and New Media from around the world. We will educate and inform all who wish to know where this field is and where it is going.

EMA Members 

Our membership includes community leaders and representatives of world class organizations including CURRENTS NEW MEDIA, Meow Wolf, Littleglobe, SITE Santa Fe, the Thoma Foundation, Institute of American Indian Arts, the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico School for the Arts, form & concept, 12 FPS, MAKE Santa Fe, Descartes Labs, Mindshare Labs, Simply Social Media, and the Santa Fe Network.

EMA is a project of the Santa Fe Film and Digital Media Commission, established by the mayor and city council.

See our full membership list here.

Please contact us to get involved.

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