12FPS is a creative agency that transcends mediums to promote revolutionary ideas. We tell stories, solve problems, illuminate human experience and capture beauty in everyday life.
Adam Shaening Pokrasso
Adam Shaening Pokrasso is an artist and creative entrepreneur based in Santa Fe, NM. His company, 12FPS, is a creative agency that works with visual storytelling to promote revolutionary ideas,… View Article
Alysha Shaw
Alysha Shaw is an interdisciplinary artist and community organizer who is dedicated to telling untold stories and restoring balance and equity to our planet. She holds a BA in Politics… View Article
Caitlin McShea
Caitlin McShea is the Miller Omega Programs Manager at the Santa Fe Institute, and director of the InterPlanetary Festival, a new annual community event hosted by SFI, as part of… View Article
Caley Dennis
Caley Dennis is an artist and arts facilitator living in Santa Fe, NM who works for Meow Wolf. Dennis also organizes exhibitions at Radical Abacus, a DIY space in the… View Article
Chris Jonas
Chris Jonas is a Santa Fe-based media artist, composer and documentary filmmaker.  His work mixes analog and new media in performances and installations and has been featured in museums and… View Article
Corvas Brinkerhoff
Corvas Brinkerhoff is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, and technologist dedicated to the transformational power of light, sound, color, and environment. He is co-founder and CTO of Meow Wolf.
CURRENTS NEW MEDIA, an annual, citywide festival in Santa Fe produced by the nonprofit Parallel Studios, brings together the work of New Media Artists from New Mexico, the US and… View Article
Descartes Labs
Descartes Labs uses remote sensing and machine intelligence to find, monitor, and predict changes on the planet. The Descartes Labs data refinery ingests and cleans petabytes of satellite, weather and… View Article
form & concept
form & concept is an art gallery founded to expand and explore the boundaries of perceived distinctions between art, craft, and design. We believe that these realms are interdependent and… View Article
Frank Ragano
Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Frank began his creative life studying dance – ballet and modern. A move to New York City in 1980 shifted his focus to experimental… View Article
Frank Rose
Frank Rose is a creative conductor, passionate about facilitating avenues of support for artists and orchestrating events and experiences that cultivate community, beauty, and wonder. He founded Gallery 1724, a… View Article